The constant fear of being alone is what disturbs a lot of people. This fear tends to push them into wrong relationships from time to time. It can be depressing if all your friends or people around you are all getting married and you still remain single. You keep hearing mention of wedding bells or reading about it in magazines or seeing it on the television screens. All these can lead someone to the point of serious depression. These tips below will help you deal with that state of singleness:


How to Deal with Being Single for Long


Haven’t you heard the saying that there’s a time for everything? I am very sure you wouldn’t want to rush into something as important as marriage only to rush out of it. While being single, just enjoy the process because once that time passes, you can’t get it back.

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It’s very hard not to be envious of other people who seem to be moving at a faster pace than you in life. But always have it at the back of your mind that the person you seem to be jealous over might be envious of you. It is very easy to judge people by the outward appearance while you do not know what they are going through on the inside. Try as much as possible to stay content and to crave to want to be like someone else.  “He who wears the shoes knows where it pinches.”



Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall” so says the holy book. Many people are so full of themselves and feel they are better than others. If you go about life having this misconception, then you may just remain being single for a long time. What do you really have to be proud for while looking down on people? Such an attitude can put either a man or woman off and make them lose interest in you. Work on your attitude, humble yourself, be yourself and let your goodwill attract people to you.

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You can’t remain in the closet and expect to be in a serious relationship with someone. Be sociable, attend parties, hang out with friends, meet people and have sensible fun.



It’s all in the mind! The mind controls your thoughts so don’t get weighed down by them. Always look forward to better things and believe that things will work out for you.



Some people hang on so much to their past that they find it difficult moving on. Once a relationship has ended, I believe it has unless something happens to bring you both together again. Life must move on so holding on won’t do you any good. Free yourself from all guilt of the past and embrace the new and what life has in store for you.



Who says you can’t be happy while single? You sure can.

Above all, do not look down on yourself. Choose happiness and that’s what you’ll get. Remember that “it’s not how far, but how well.”

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How to Deal with Being Single for Long
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