Being with a partner who is over protective of you can sometimes be exciting and over bearing at the same time. There are several reasons someone can be over protective of another person. Some of them are:

  • The feeling of so much love for that person
  • He/she is a very jealous fellow
  • He /she can’t stand the thought of seeing you with another person
  • He/she is selfish and wants you all to himself
  • He/she feels insecure

If you have a partner who shows all or some of these signs, he is definitely over protective of you. Sometimes this trait can turn out negatively if care is not taken.

Here’s how you can deal with that over protective person:

Find out why this is so:

Like earlier said, there are many reasons your partner is being this way. Once you sort this out, you’ll feel more at ease. Do you act in ways to make him act so? Do you do certain things that makes him feel the need to be like that around you? These are questions you need to ask yourself.

Probe him:

If you don’t get answers to the questions above or if you are not satisfied with them, you might need to find out why from him. If his acts bother you so much or you don’t feel comfortable with it; try to ask him why he is that way with you so that you can understand him better.

Build trust:

If you find out one of the reasons he’s over protective is because he doesn’t trust you then you might have to learn to build trust between the two of you. Do not do things to make him feel insecure. Time will always tell; give him time to trust you even in matters that seem unimportant and you’ll find out that the level of trust will grow.

Show him you care:

One thing everyone likes is affection. Show your partner he means the world to you and he’ll have no reason to doubt your love for him.

Caution him:

If you notice he’s over doing it most especially in public and if it is noticeable by people, you can call his attention to it. He probably might not know he’s doing it because he has gotten so used to it. Don’t assume!

Learn to speak up:

Someone who is over protective of you will have the tendency to make decisions on your behalf and even control you. Make your feelings known and let him know your stand on certain issues so it doesn’t become a problem and also so he doesn’t take you for granted. You have a mind of your own so use it.

Celebrate him:

Prove to him that you’re proud of him and showcase him to your friends. He’ll appreciate that he’s the centre of your world.

Being over protective can be a serious problem if not handled properly. Every relationship should be built on trust. If the foundation is not solid, it’ll crumble.


How to Deal with an Over Protective Partner
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