Relationships can be funny at times; every relationship has its ups and downs and a lot of factors cause tension in some of them. These fracas sometimes lead to a break up by either a mutual agreement between both party or the handiwork of just one person. If the break up was not mutual, sometimes what you have is either an angry or disgruntled ex who isn’t ready to let you go yet. An over bearing ex can be annoying, irritable, and can even make you harbour hatred for such fellow.

Even after a break up, your ex might still be hung up on you. In cases like this, you’ll find out that your ex will still do all they can to stay in touch with you. Incessant phone calls, text messages and even unannounced visits may surface. How do you therefore handle such?


How to Deal with an Ex that Won’t Leave You Alone


As hard as it may seem, talking sometimes helps. It’s best you have a talk with your ex so that at least he or she gets closure. Try meeting him or her in a busy place like an eatery and not a quiet place just in case their intention towards you is wicked. Let him or her know why you ended the relationship and also let them know that you can still be friends with them. If you feel you can’t go alone then let a friend whom you are of the same sex with accompany you. Some ex don’t just get it so you need to sit them down to talk to.

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There might be a tendency to want to give your ex a second chance because you feel pity for them. Do not give in to this but try to remember why you broke it up in the first place.



One thing that would encourage your ex to keep coming back is if you continually answer his or her calls or respond to their messages. Try as much as possible to cut back any means of communication with that person so he or she gets the message.



If you’ve tried the tactics above and it’s still not working then you have to apply a stricter process. Having made your intentions known and getting no relevant response, I think you may need to be a bit harsh. Sometimes being too nice won’t do the trick. You may need to sound offended by his continuous disturbance which have become annoying. I am very sure that in no time, he or she will get the message.

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Sometimes what you need to do is to twist elements of the truth. You might have to make your ex believe that someone else is in the picture. This might just chase him or her away.



If you notice that his or her actions towards you are getting too much to handle, talk to an elderly person especially one who has an experience in relationships. Keeping quiet about it will not help you. Remember that a problem shared is half solved.

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How to Deal with an Ex that Won't Leave You Alone
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