Every human being has an element of selfishness no doubt but when a relationship suffers from such then there’s a problem. A relationship is not meant to be one sided, it should be enjoyed by the two persons involved in it. If the feelings your partner now feels towards you is reducing, it can be disheartening to the other person who has put his/her all into that relationship. It doesn’t feel good to love as much and not even get half of that love reciprocated. It makes you feel like you’re wasting your time. Sometimes you wonder why things like this happen after all you both agreed to be in that relationship from the onset.

Some possible reasons why a relationship could be one sided are as follows:

  • Low level of romance
  • Lack of commitment
  • Lack of interest in the other person
  • Selfishness
  • Distraction and pressure from work

If you find out that the relationship you are in is one sided, you can do the following:

Put him/her to the test:

To find out if this is really true, test your partner. How? There should be certain things you and your partner used to love to do together; suggest you do those things and look out for his/her response or reaction to those things. If there’s no enthusiasm like it has always been, then you’ll know there really is something wrong.

Find out what’s wrong:

Just like the holy book says “ask and you shall receive,” if you do not ask, there’s no way you’ll know what’s going on. It’s possible your partner is really going through some internal issues he/she doesn’t want to share. It’s your job to find out what the problem is because it will determine your happiness. Make him or her talk to you and open up and try to help them find a solution to any problem they may be experiencing. They say a problem shared is half solved at least that will be a step towards solving the problem in your relationship.

Stop thinking too much:

Thinking too much about the situation at hand might make you paranoid. Your partner might not be aware of the inner turmoil you’re going through or the effect his or her one sided nature is having on you. Act on the way you feel; if you want to shout or scream or talk about it then do so rather than bottling it all up thinking that things would naturally sort themselves out. Let him or her know how you feel; you might just be surprised at their response.

Define the relationship:

If you’ve done all you can and still see no change, give it some time and if you still constantly feel neglected then maybe it’s time to rethink that relationship.

If you’re in a relationship and acting one sided, think about how the other person feels. A one sided relationship will definitely not last long unless something is done about it.

How to Deal with a One Sided Relationship
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