Some neighbours can be annoying as well as being nosy pokers. Such neighbours are always in other people’s businesses. They interfere in what doesn’t concern them and look for the slightest opportunity to contribute in your affairs. They can be found in almost every neighbourhood and if one is not careful with such people, they can lead one into trouble. Some of them cannot just do with chattering at any given time; they are used to it. They could be men or women but I think it’s more prevalent among the women folk. Why are people nosy? Here are possible reasons:

  • They are jealous of you
  • They want to know everything about you so they can gossip about you
  • The can’t keep to themselves
  • They just itch to hear stories about people
  • They want to compare themselves with you

If you find yourself amidst such people, what’s the best way to handle them without offending them?

Here’s what you can do:

Study the personality:

There are lots of personality traits so getting to know what kind of person he or she is would enlighten you on how best to relate with them. You can study them at a close range or from a distance; it actually depends on how close you are with that person.

Don’t yield in to them:

When people like that start making small talk, they go on and on. If they see that you’re eagerly listening to them, they’ll be encouraged to continue but if you show signs of disinterest, they’ll sooner or later get the message.

Mind your own business:

If you don’t meddle in the affairs of people then other people might not meddle in yours. Limit the way you deal with such a person in terms of borrowing or sharing things so that he or she won’t have anything on you.

Be diplomatic:

In as much as you try to manage such a person, be smart about it so that it doesn’t become too obvious that you’re trying to avoid them.

Mind what you say:

In your dealings with such persons, do not divulge so much information about things that matter to you. You also need to be careful with what you discuss with them so they don’t use it against you.

Learn to filter their words:

People who are nosy tend to falsify information or embellish it. Not everything they say might be true. So do not believe all they say. Act like you’re listening but don’t pay close attention to it.

Act busy:

People who are nosy most of the time have a lot of time on their hands probably full time housewives. Such people occupy their time by gossiping. Acting like you’re busy sometimes might limit how the person relates with you. Always give them the impression that you have something to do.

Being nosy is a habit and in order not to fall victim of such people, adhere to the few tips above and you’ll be okay.

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