A persons’ immune system can be high while some can be low. One’s immune system can be affected by a lot of factors which could be caused by self or by environmental factors. Sometimes you wonder why some people are prone to sicknesses while it seems like others don’t fall ill at all. Aside medical history and body type, the main reason for this is how strong ones immune system is to be able to withstand any external force or impurity.

The following should help you boost your immune system:

Live a general good lifestyle:

Having an immune system that is really strong takes a lot of work. Ensuring your lifestyle is fit and healthy is key to making this happen. When doing this, you have to put all aspects of your life into consideration and not leaving out some parts of it. For example if you do exercises regularly yet do not eat healthy, there won’t be a balance. Your lifestyle should be healthy all round.

Maintain your diet:

While eating a balanced diet, ensure you also include other classes of food like fruits and vitamins. Food is sweet and also good but in as much as it enriches the body, if not taken the right way and in the right proportion can affect a lot of people. Watch what you eat as not everything that is pleasant to the eye is fit for you. Having a good immune system entails eating well and eating right.

Practise regular hygiene:

Germs cannot be seen with the eyes but we all know they are everywhere. Be hygienic in all you do. Wash your hands as often as you can, wash fruits and vegetables properly before eating them, meat should be cooked well before consumption and above all, your surrounding ought to be neat at all times.


Whether you like it or not, whether you’re fat or not, exercising the body is essential. Not only does it keep you fit, it works on your blood pressure by lowering it and improves ones immune system.

Take vitamins:

Sometimes the body needs a boost. The nutrients you might not be able to get by eating food alone can be made up for by taking vitamins like Vitamin A, E, C etc.

Reduce stress levels:

If the stress level in your life is huge, it can affect your overall immune system. No matter how busy you may seem, find time to rest. When you’re stressed, your productivity level will be low and if you do not take care of yourself at this point, you may be prone to ailment.

Stop some old habits:

Too much of everything is bad. If you’re an addict smoker, you need to stop. If you drink too much, you also need to stop. All these lower your immune system.

Avoid misuse of drugs:

Over excessive usage of drugs should be limited so that your immune system can effectively work.

Health is wealth. Work on it.

How to Boost your Immune System
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