One thing that motivates employees in a work place is when they are happy doing what they do. An employee joyfully does his or her work whole heartedly when the work environment is conducive and welcoming but if the reverse is the case, such an employee would not be devoted totally. In cases like this, you find a lot of hostility, anger and dispute amongst workers. Here are ways of building the morale of employees


How to Boost Employee Morale


Some employers tend to over flog their employees with varied duties. To enable them function effectively in their work, ensure their job roles are well defined and structured well. Their input should align with the original post they were employed for. This would enable them perform better to achieve company’s goals.



Most employers of labour tend to be very bossy and proud not wanting to hear what their employees feel about certain issues. The fact that you’re the employer does not mean their opinions should not be heard. Ultimately you get to make the final decision about issues that affect your business but it’s not a bad idea to just hear what they have to say. You never can tell; you might pick one or two things from what they will say. No man is an island.



Without people working for you, you would not get your job done so why not appreciate them for the work they do, no matter how little? Showing them that you notice what they do does not belittle you neither does it take off a strand of hair from you; it doesn’t make you any less. As often as possible, let them know their work is seen so they feel relevant.



Employees should be entitled to leave period or days off. It is their right and should not be taken for granted. We are all humans and sometimes need time off to rest. Some employers tend to be selfish on this part while neglecting this vital aspect. If you can respect this, you’ll definitely get the best from your employees.



This will really boost employee morale because this act shows that you have their interest at heart. Let them attend trainings that will help them do better at work and also help with personal development. There should be room for growth.



Have a fixed arrangement on days or times members of staff can have fun. Most company’s engage in events like “thank God it’s Friday,” while some don’t experience this. You can either use the office premise or choose an outdoor venue. This promotes bonding amongst staff and their employer(s). Various activities can be included to add some spice to it.



Share in their season of happiness or sorrow. Attend their weddings or send representatives to attend or buy them a gift, acknowledge their birthdays and just show you care.

There’s nothing more important as having satisfaction at your place of work. It not only gives you peace of mind but allows you put your all on the job.


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How to Boost Employee Morale
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