In any business be it self-owned or corporate, team building is important for the growth of that business. If teams do not work well together, there would be an adverse effect on the business or company. Who is a team player? A team player is an individual who works in agreement with other team members in line with the company’s goals to ensure that the mission and vision of the company is met. If you’re an employee of any organisation or you’re a member of any group or gathering then you ought to be a team player.

How can this be achieved?

Share ideas:

The foundation of any business is built on ideas and that is what rules the world today. From time to time, there are departmental meetings or impromptu meetings. When suggestions are requested for; do not hesitate to share your opinion as long as it’s for the good of the business. Some colleagues are idea stealers, so try sharing your ideas when everyone is around so it’s coming from you.

Show support:

There are certain times conditions of work may not be favourable and as a team, you might all agree to speak with one voice on an issue. In times like this, your team spirit is needed. Show solidarity and support the cause you’re all fighting for; after all it’s for the good of all.

Learn from one another:

Nobody knows it all. There might be some aspects of your job you may not understand. Get clarification from your colleagues and also lend a helping hand to them when they need it.

Align yourself with deadlines:

There’s nothing more frustrating than not meeting deadlines. If your team has a project with set deadlines, it wouldn’t be nice if you do not complete your own part of the task thus leading to the failure of that project. Ensure you work faster in order to meet deadlines. Working together brings better results.

Understand tasks:

Teams are normally given tasks they must complete. Understand what is expected of you and your team members in order to effectively carry out those tasks.

Understand your team members:

In a team, you meet all sorts of people and there are bound to be disagreements from time to time. Be observant and study their behaviours so you can relate with them well. Try to avoid disputes.

Listen to corrections:

Don’t feel you know it all or try to work in isolation. If you make mistakes and are corrected, take to correction and quickly adjust in order to meet up with other team members.

Be an active team member:

Not everybody in a team tends to be active; some end up being dormant and not contributing to the team. Try being an active member and let your contributions be known.

Respect your team members:

You are all in a team for a reason and are all part of a whole so having respect for one another will create a conducive atmosphere for working well together.

A team that stays together never falls. Be a team player.

How to be a Team Player
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