When one loses a phone what bothers one more than the phone is the contact list. Believe it or not phone contacts are more valuable than phones.

If you have ever lost a phone you will understand what I am saying. However if you have not and the thought of it scares you, then help is here. You don’t have to live in that fear for the rest of your life. Phone back up is the answer to the pains associated with losing your phone either to thieves, viruses, memory wipe and so on.

There are lots of methods used in backing up phone contacts these days and we are going to consider the following:

  • GSM Service Providers
  • Gmail Back up
  • Import/Export Alternative
  • Third Party Apps


How To Backup Your Phone Contacts


Service providers render this as a service to subscribers. This usually attracts a charge. Check with your subscriber to enjoy this service. For more on that you can read: How To Backup And Retrieve Contacts On MTN Backup.



Link your Android phone to your Gmail account. By doing this your Android phone will make your contacts to be synced with your Gmail Account. At times Google backs up your phone contacts on your Gmail provided it is set. Sometimes it might not if your setting prevents it.

For you to set your phone for Gmail sync, follow the steps below:

  • Pick your phone and switch to phone settings
  • Press the Backup and Reset tab
  • Check the Back up my data tab. After doing this the phone will backup your contacts directly into your Gmail account and as you update or add contacts to your phone, it is automatically updated in your Gmail.
  • Log in to your Gmail account to confirm
  • From your Gmail, at the upper left corner under the Google logo, click ‘Gmail.’
  • After clicking, a drop menu will appear and from the menu select ‘Contacts.’ If the synchronization was done properly all your contacts will appear but if not, then repeat the process from the beginning.

With this method your contacts are backed up automatically and when you purchase another phone as a result of losing your phone, all your contacts can be retrieved from your Gmail account. This is valuable when you are switching from one phone to another.

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The option helps you to backup the contacts to offline destinations. This option is also useful when you are changing phone. The step involved is very simple:

  • Go to contact in your phone and press the menu button from your contact list
  • Once the list appears, hit the ‘Import/Export’ tab.
  • After clicking, a list of import and export alternative will appear.
  • Select from the list the option you prefer, it is best you choose to export to a USB. However, if it happens that you are changing phone, after exporting, you will have to select ‘Import from USB storage,’ the contacts will be transferred to your new phone.



There are quite a number of Apps that is used in phone back up. The following apps can help you get the job done:

  • Super Backup – this app backs up your contacts, SMS, Call Logs, Apps, Calendars and Bookmarks all to your SD card, Google Drive or Gmail. You can get it on Google Play Store or here for N41.
  • Lookout – This is a security free app that backs up your contacts to Lookout’s secure online storage system. It works automatically even if you did not remember to sync your phone. You can view your contacts online from your lookout.com account and restore same to your new phone effortlessly.
  • Other apps – there are lots of Third Party Apps developed to backup phone contacts and data. These range from free to purchasable apps. Feel free to search Google for Contact Back up apps or go to Google Play Store to download any one of your choice or check these apps

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Now that you are equipped with knowledge do not wait, go ahead and back up your phone contacts. However, it is noteworthy to state here that there are many other ways of backing up your phone contact, explore them and use them to your advantage.


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