Canada is located in the northern part of the globe and well known for its high mountains, lakes and cold weather. To visit the country, depending on your purpose, there are different visas, these are as follows:

  • Visitor Visa
  • Study Permit
  • Work Permit
  • Coverage Under the Interim Federal Health Program
  • Permanent residence through Express Entry Program

Visitor Visa entitles you to visit Canada for a short period with or without your dependants. The visa restricts you from engaging in work or study during your stay. Now let consider the steps below:

How To Apply For A Canadian Visa In Nigeria


There are some conditions you need to meet before you can apply for a Canadian Visa. The conditions are as follows:

  • A valid international passport
  • Sound health and so on.

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Please click here to find out more about the conditions. You could be disqualified easily if you do not meet any of the conditions.



You can apply for a temporary resident visa, student visa or work permit either online or offline. All the above listed visas are available online. If you are applying online, click here to proceed to the portal. You must have electronic (scanned) copies of your documents and a valid credit card for payment to apply online.

The offline method is recommended for Nigerians. Download the Temporary Resident Visa application forms and Instruction Guide here. Go through the instruction and ensure you complete your application correctly. The barcode page must be included in your application.



The form is here for you to download. Fill the form and attach it to your application form. Note that this form must be duly completed and attached to your application form for it to be accepted.



Make your way to the Canada Visa Application Centre to pay the processing fees and the biometric fees which cost $85 CAD, but if you have already done your biometric before you would not be required to do it. You will only pay processing fees which is $49.73 CAD. Note that this charge do change over time. Be aware that at the center you will be charged an additional service. You are expected to pay in person at the Bank Counter in cash along with the submission of your application. Read more about other additional service charges

Canada Visa Application Centre in Lagos

Manor Hall, Plot 110, Admiral Ayinla Way, Opposite Treasure Garden Estate, Third Roundabout, Lekki Phase I, Lagos

Canada Visa Application Centre in Abuja

Silverbird Entertainment Centre. Plot 1161, Memorial Drive,2nd Floor, Central Business District, Abuja



Submit your form, proof of payment of visa processing and biometric fees and other documents at the center. Document submissions are accepted Mondays to Fridays from 8am to 3pm. After submission, you can track the status of your application online by the unique tracking number on the receipts issued to you after paying for the visa.



Click here to track your application using the unique tracking number on your payment receipt. Note that a temporary resident visa to Canada takes 14 days to process.



You will be notified by the Government of Canada to tender your passport. Submit your passport and the request letter at the center in person or by courier. You will also be required to pay passport transmission service charge of $31.86 CAD at any GT Bank account number 0109515451 in the name of CANADA VALUE ADDED SERVICE COLLECTION ACCOUNT. Enclose the payment evidence with your passport. Once received, it will be forwarded to The Deputy High Commission of Canada, Lagos. If you prefer your passport mailed to you, then include a self addressed return envelope with the passport.



You will be notified once your passport is ready. You can pick it up in person or receive it at the address you wrote on the envelope.

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