Making money online as a subject had been covered by many writers and bloggers alike. Money making online to is not ‘a Garden of Eden’ in the desert thing. If you approach it with that mentality; you will get frustrated along the line. Some people were scammed with the promise of quick riches with little effort online. Beware making money online will not generate overnight riches for you.

No online business is an idle dream. Ask Mark Zuckerberg and he would tell you about the rough road to building Facebook. Money making online requires patience, time, dedication, skills and ideas.

You need to have an idea and skill to push that idea to people. Your idea must be able to solve problems and add value for it to sell. There are lots of things you can do on the internet that would generate money for you these days.

I would like to share my experience in a simple manner devoid of technical jargons and confusing terms. Note this is not an exclusive list.



One of the easiest ways to make money on the internet is to offer your skills or competencies for sale. There are limitless skills you can sell, writing, editing, website designing, tutoring, graphic designing, interior designing, social media marketing and so on. You can join any of the freelance sites and advertise your skills. When visitors come to any of the sites in need of people to do certain tasks for them you might be contacted. Also it is very common these days with people advertising various freelance or part-time jobs online. You can apply to show your skill in exchange for money. A very easy way of showing your skills is advertise them on your own site or blog.

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I have sold a whole of products on the internet over the years. These include electronics, books, magazines, phones, watches etc. Like me, you can purchase from wholesalers and re-sell or sell stuffs that belong to ecommerce sites like Jumia for a commission or even sell for an author. All these activities require tact and hard-work because people will not just stumble over you and call you for purchases. What have to do is to advertise on free ecommerce sites like Mobofree, Jiji, Olx etc and on forums like Nairaland and when people see what you offer they contact you. You could advertise on your social media too for all your friends to see. Explore every means of publicity.



Creating an EBook (electronic book) is another way of making money on the internet. People browse from one site to the other looking for information that could solve problems for them. Why not apply your knowledge and skill to put something on the internet for them to buy. For example an EBook on how to stop hair loss for men going bald will be a hot sell! Or a software to help manage Small Business’s taxes.

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A website or a blog is another tool you need to make money online. It acts like your conventional business office – it is your virtual business office. Whatever you decide to put on the site in terms of contents must be marketable. It must add value to people that would visit it or else they would not repeat their visit. You might decide to create a site to solve marriage issues or sell electronics, make sure you follow it up with very good contents for people to be attracted to it. You could decide to create a blog like Linda Ikeji for news and features also or a forum like Nairaland there is no limit to what you can do.



For you to make money online, like I said before you must offer something for sale. You have to sell something on your website – adverts mostly. This can be done via Google Adsense. This is one of the most convenient ways to monetize your website. What the program does is that it channel ads from Google to the pages of your site and when visitors click any of the ads, you earn money. More clicks means more money, hence the need for traffic to the site. It is not easy as it sounds, for you to get those clicks you need lots of targeted audience to your site daily.

In conclusion, making money online is easy and rewarding but doomed to fail at the word GO if not handled carefully. It might take a long time before you get your first sale or job. It might even take a split of a second. In all be sure to build credibility and trust, for your clients to continue with you.

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