8 Simple Ways To Cope With Grief

Grief is a very strong emotion which occurs in the life of almost everyone. It is an inevitable part of life one must pass through at one point or the other. Some people handle grief better than others while so...

How To Overcome An Addiction

A lot of people are addicted to a lot of things. Simply put, it is a state whereby one is totally consumed by that particular “addiction (it can be a thing, a human etc.). People can be addicted to a whole lot ...

7 Simple Ways To Have A Total Makeover

Embarking on a total makeover is something everyone should think of doing from time to time. It’s very easy to do the same things over and over again just because you are already used to doing things that way b...

How To Control Your Anger

Have you ever gotten angry before? Do you know how it feels when you are angry? Have you ever experienced the kind of rage that comes with being angry? Can you imagine how you felt afterwards as a result of you...
How to make people to like you

How To Make People Like You

When I was a teenager I use to wonder why some guys in the school then have lots of friends (male and female) flocking round them. Those guys where popular and I use to wish so much to be as popular as they wer...
How to improve your IQ By Lifestyle

How To Improve Your IQ By Lifestyle

Do you also recall that in my previous articles on  How to improve your IQ within seven days that I informed you that experts said that the IQ of an average man increases by 3% a decade and this can be increase...

How To Dress For An Interview

Making a good first impression at an interview is one of the best decision you’ll ever make because it will go a long way in determining if you’ll get that job or not. Some people might wonder what’s so special...

How To Build Your Self Esteem

A lot of people live their lives having a very low self-esteem about themselves. Having a low self-esteem can be caused by various factors but how deep it affects you is important because it determines to a lar...
How to improve your IQ

How To Improve Your IQ Within 7 Days

Have You been told that your IQ is too low…and this is killing you. Do you know that you can raise your IQ permanently? Yes, modern psychologists through their research proved traditional theorists wrong that I...

Beauty Tips That Will Make You Glow

One thing you should know is that everyone is beautiful but it all depends on how you maintain that beauty. Have you ever wondered what makes some people glow? Have you ever imagined why some people radiate? As...
Managing stress

How To Deal With Stress

We all go through life working hard trying to make ends meet. While doing this, it is possible to forget those little things that matter a lot to us. Whilst making money, it is very easy to overlook the fact th...