How to Get Promoted at Work

The whole essence of getting a job aside making money is to excel and move up the chain. One of the ways to know you're doing well at your job is having successful appraisals and promotions both within and outs...

How to Fight Off Sleep at Work

Sleep is a very powerful antidote that everyone enjoys doing if given the time. Not only does it relax one, it is a very quick way for one to ease off stress. In as much as sleep is good for the body, I tell yo...
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How to be a Team Player

In any business be it self-owned or corporate, team building is important for the growth of that business. If teams do not work well together, there would be an adverse effect on the business or company. Who is...

How to Stay Dedicated to your Job

There's one thing to have a job, there's another to stay committed to that job and there's yet another to keep that job. If a survey is carried out, I am very sure we'll find those who are not satisfied with th...

How to Handle Criticism

Criticisms are sometimes hard to accept not because you don't want to but because of how they make you feel at the point it is meted out to you. Criticisms are given for so many reasons one of which is to corre...

How to Handle Difficult Tasks at Work

There are certain times at your place of work you might find somethings hard to figure out or do. Most of the time, these tasks seem more difficult when you’re just starting a new job or if you had more tasks a...
Writing a cover letter

How To Write An Effective Cover Letter

A cover letter augments gives voice to your CV. It gives you a platform to sell yourself to the advertiser in a way your CV cannot. It tells the advertiser that you are the man for the job. The usefulness of Co...
right career choice

How To Make The Right Career Choice

Making a career choice is one of the most important decisions we ever take in life. This decision is so important that it can determine how our lives turn out. If one chooses wrong, he or she will pay for it. T...

How to Boost Employee Morale

One thing that motivates employees in a work place is when they are happy doing what they do. An employee joyfully does his or her work whole heartedly when the work environment is conducive and welcoming but i...
Preparing for exams

How To Prepare For an Examination

Getting ready for an examination takes a lot of preparedness. To ensure you ace that forthcoming examination, a lot of work needs to be done. It’s not nice to assume that all will go well if you do not adequate...

How To Develop Yourself Professionally

Growth comes in various forms. An individual can choose to grow in various ways be it professionally or personally. Whichever way you choose to develop yourself depends on you and the goals you want to achieve....