How to Prepare for Valentine

If you say you love someone then the period of valentine shouldn't really be the only season you shower love on that special person. Nevertheless a lot of people look forward to this romantic season to apprecia...

How to Deal with a Nagging Partner

One of the things most people don't like in a relationship especially men is having a partner who nags a lot. Women are known for their talkative nature but some nag more than others. Most of the time, the reas...

How to Deal with a Nosy Neighbour

Some neighbours can be annoying as well as being nosy pokers. Such neighbours are always in other people's businesses. They interfere in what doesn't concern them and look for the slightest opportunity to contr...

How to Succeed in Business

Being your own boss is a very good thing. It not only makes you the sole decision maker but also allows you time to do things at your own disposal. In as much as you've established that business, you still have...

How to Deal with Setbacks

Setbacks happen in everyone's life knowingly or unknowingly. Most of the time, they happen when we least expect them to which leaves us frustrated or devastated. One thing to note is that setbacks happen for so...

How to Get Promoted at Work

The whole essence of getting a job aside making money is to excel and move up the chain. One of the ways to know you're doing well at your job is having successful appraisals and promotions both within and outs...

How to make up after a Quarrel

In all relationships whether between couples, friends, or family, there are bound to be arguments which may lead to quarrels. It is sometimes inevitable and part of human life. Sometimes having a quarrel helps ...
Time management. Часы с надписью

How to Manage your Time Effectively

Time management is a skill everybody ought to have. It is not in born but can be learnt and acquired. Everybody needs it irrespective of one’s occupation or handiwork. Managing your time is a part of life. Sinc...
Muscle injury. Man with sprain thigh muscles. Athlete in sports

How to Deal with Muscle Pull

To those who have experience muscle pull before, I believe it's not an enjoying feeling no matter how short the duration is. When it occurs, it distracts you from whatever it is you were doing at that time and ...

How to Boost your Immune System

A persons' immune system can be high while some can be low. One’s immune system can be affected by a lot of factors which could be caused by self or by environmental factors. Sometimes you wonder why some peopl...

How to Fight Off Sleep at Work

Sleep is a very powerful antidote that everyone enjoys doing if given the time. Not only does it relax one, it is a very quick way for one to ease off stress. In as much as sleep is good for the body, I tell yo...

How to Develop a Good Self Body Image

Are you happy? Do you feel fulfilled? Do you do things because of what people would say? Do you love yourself? Are you your own best friend? One of the reasons people have low self-esteem and low self-worth is ...
Royalty-free futuristic business clipart picture of blue 3d people working together to hold colorful pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that spells out "Team Work."

How to be a Team Player

In any business be it self-owned or corporate, team building is important for the growth of that business. If teams do not work well together, there would be an adverse effect on the business or company. Who is...

How to Know He’s a Player

In relationships, you get to hear all sorts of stories of how some men behave in their dealings with the opposite sex. When it comes to the area of relationship, men can be classified in various categories of w...