backup phone contact

How To Backup Your Phone Contacts

When one loses a phone what bothers one more than the phone is the contact list. Believe it or not phone contacts are more valuable than phones. If you have ever lost a phone you will understand what I am sa...
Preparing for christmas

How To Prepare For Christmas

Christmas is celebrated all over the world. This period of holiday is mostly celebrated by Christians as the remembrance of the birth of Jesus Christ! Christmas is celebrated on December 25 of every year. It ha...
Writing a cover letter

How To Write An Effective Cover Letter

A cover letter augments gives voice to your CV. It gives you a platform to sell yourself to the advertiser in a way your CV cannot. It tells the advertiser that you are the man for the job. The usefulness of Co...
hotels in nigeria

How To Find Cheap Hotels In Nigeria

After concluding my research, I discovered quite a number of online hotel search engines and sites. Most of which are international while few are indigenous. The internet makes it possible for the international...
right career choice

How To Make The Right Career Choice

Making a career choice is one of the most important decisions we ever take in life. This decision is so important that it can determine how our lives turn out. If one chooses wrong, he or she will pay for it. T...